Metal Detecting Tips for Beginners

Metal Detecting Tips

You bought your first metal detector but have no idea as to how you go about metal detecting.

Here are 10+ Metal Detecting Tips for the amateurs out there who want to take up this hobby.

The tips listed below will surely help you on the course of detecting some great metals. Every metal detector beginner needs to follow these tips:

Check this top ten best beginners metal detectors.

#1 Learn the art of Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is pretty much a straightforward task. Nevertheless, this does require you to have knowledge about the place you are going to dig up with your metal detector.

You have to gain as much information (Intel) as you can regarding your detector.

Read the manuals, browse videos regarding your detector and so on. The more you understand the more you master your device. It is as simple as that.

#2 The right choice of your first Metal Detector

Do NOT rush and get yourself a metal detector first. Take your time doing surveys and consulting with experience people in the field as to which detector you should opt for.

There are various types of metal detectors such as for beach, searching for relics etc. You will not understand which one would suit you properly at first.

Gradually with hands-on experience, everything will be clear. Here is a list of top  10 metal detectors you can buy without doing any hard work searching online.

#3 Proper swing matters a lot

Just because you got your settings correct does not mean you are going to be a successful detector. You need to master the swing.

It should be in a way such that your detector should be close to the ground but should not touch it. Swinging too fast or too slow will not let you utilize your detector’s potential.

#4 Digging should be perfect

For each type of hunting, you need specific tools to dig up. The digging technique is known as plug. You should not dig up huge parts of the land and leave a hole behind.

Instead, you need to know the appropriate technique in order to use the land efficiently and its natural growth is not disturbed.

#5 The right equipment

You should always carry the right equipment with you depending on the type of detecting you are doing. Treasure hunt should be enjoyable, not a painful process.

The wrong tool can make your detecting time increase up to way many folds.

#6 The laws and regulations regarding Metal Detecting

The local laws and regulations should be kept in mind by every individual. At least the basic ones is a must. You need to know when to draw the line.

Private properties require permissions otherwise it is equivalent to trespassing. Areas under the Government control should be strictly avoided as to not end up being fined.

Keep an eye out during your detecting works in public areas also. Always be aware of the surroundings.

#7 Study your locations

Having a good idea about the location that you are going to take up is a good idea. Especially the history of that area makes good sense.

You can either look for locations that are high in activity or old areas of the historical background.

Choosing the location is the basic aspect you need to be looking for, research well before you go out for a treasure hunt!

#8 Have a positive mindset

You will not always find the desired relic or item that you have been looking for. Most of the time, it is going to be trash that’s gonna end up as your catch.

You should always take it in good spirit and to also appreciate your find. If metal detecting is taken up as a hobby rather than a chore, things will work out much smoother.

#9 Testing Location

You can build your own testing location to find out the strength and efficiency of your metal detector. Carry some jewelry and coins to your testing location and bury it up.

Make sure you attach a thread or something that would help you identify its location afterwards. Test your device and play with the controls to get an understanding.

#10 Taking Care of your Detector

The better you take care of your metal detector, the longer it will last. Use a brush for taking the sand particles out and use clean water for cleaning it. Lubricants should do the trick on the coils.

#11 Be Cautious

Wherever you go for bounty hunting, be conscious of your surroundings. You can turn your amazing day into a gloomy one too if attention is not paid. You should always consider safety first and treasure second.


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