How to Find Gold in Your Backyard

How to Find Gold in Your Backyard

No matter the amount of gold you find, the idea of just having your first speck of gold is thrilling.

Gold is rare. Gold is small. Gold is hidden in massive amounts of dirt.

Finding it is dreams come true, but not impossible. You can even find gold in your backyard, but its rare case, you need to be very lucky and or have the below points to get it in your backyard.

For you to beat it and pull it to the light of day, a little knowledge and some simple equipment are necessary.

Catch a big fish, display it for people to see, and they’ll just nod, some struggling to hide a yawn.

But, show them a tiny glass bottle full of gold and the same people will crowd to have a closer look.

Can I Find Gold in My Backyard?

How to Find Gold in Your BackyardYou can find small quantities of pure gold just about everywhere, but finding deposits of real gold requires some bit of knowledge of how gold gets around.

Gold is very heavy. It’s about 19 times as heavy as water. Once you know this, it will be a little bit easy to find it.  Gold will always sink to the bottom because of its weight.

As the earth moves around due to rain, wind, thawing and geological disruptions, gold is released up and relocates to the lowest point.

Let’s take an example of a bed stream. Check where the water slows during or after a flood. If possible, the gold will sink. Sample where the stream bends, where it widens, or where natural obstacles or falls are.

A rock in a stream will interfere with the flow of water, making the gold to fall to the bottom. If possible, turn over a few stones.

Best Metal Detector for Finding Gold

How to Find Gold in Your BackyardRecommended Read – Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector is one of the best affordable tool to find gold near you!

Where to Look for Gold

  • If you live at a place near a river, check on the river bends where gravel bars are usually hidden. You might find small flakes of gold or magnificent gold and at times in large quantities.
  • If you live where the stream levels out after a steeper part such as waterfalls or downstream rapids check out, you could find gold.
  • On newly formed gravel bars.
  • You will also find gold in small streaks of gravel laying on the bedrock, but you must have some sucker to remove it if it is beneath the water.
  • In potholes in the bedrock
  • Cracks found in the bedrock. Keenly check for lines of moss running along the bedrock. If you happen to see some small crack in the moss, there is likelihood that these cracks contain a surprising quantity of gold.
  • Moss and grassroots along the river.

Always remember that these are the places where you are most likely to find gold.  You may identify a spot that looks perfect but end up not getting any gold.

On the other hand, you may find a place that seemingly looks barren, but you end up seeing lots of this precious gem.

Is There Gold in My Yard?

Sure, I guess it’s very much possible to find gold in your backyard.

In the USA, you can get gold in almost all the fifty states.

However, it might be common in some areas than others depending on where you come from.

How to Find Gold in Your BackyardIn specific regions, gold flakes can be found in creeks, streams, and rivers by panning.  In other places, you have to use a metal detector to get gold nuggets laying undiscovered underground.

Do not just use panning or metal detecting right in your backyard but do so also a few miles from your home. Do some little research to find if there is anyone who has ever succeeded in prospecting gold within the area.

You can go ahead and find any local gold prospecting group to come together and advice each other on where to get gold.

Amateur gold prospecting is easy and inexpensive to learn. You can try it though you might not be able to find enough raw gold to make you become rich.

So, anything is possible. Keep realistic expectations, do a little research, get the right equipment and learn from experienced prospectors. You will be in a better position of striking it rich.

Why Practice in Your Backyard?

You can practice gold prospecting or pan in your backyard for several reasons:

  • You get to involve all the family members in the activity either as a fun activity or hobby
  • You do not have to ask permission from anyone
  • You have a ready source of tools and containers to use
  • You do not have to travel far but just work in the comfort of your home

Will You Get Rich?

How to Find Gold in Your BackyardYes, you can get rich. But treat mining just like any other trade when you want to make money from it. You need to learn the basics of trading gold and how to handle or what to expect as well as the work ethics.

Do proper research, find an excellent location and know how to develop and then extract gold from your mine. One good tip, the most natural place to get gold is where it has already been found.

Since you are talking about self-employment, be a self-starter, even without any money or gold in your pocket.

A lot of people have been disappointed having the thought that it is a get rich quick scheme only to realize that it is not.

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