20 Best Metal Detecting Sites You Are Sure To Find Precious Metals

Best Places to Metal Detect Old Coins, Jewelry & Gold

1. Parks

Parks are great places for looking for coins and lost jewellery items. In the evening and morning families pay a visit to them. Men and women are more likely to lose their valuable metallic items during jogging.

2. Schoolyards

Coin money mostly remains in possession of kids. Many children end up dropping their coins while playing in schoolyards. Further, teachers often lose their metal jewelry and other items in the school ground, as they are there to supervise the students.

3. Playgrounds

Playgrounds are another busy location. Youngsters, who wear metal accessories, are likely to forget them on the field. Apart from metallic ornaments playgrounds are a great place for looking for the lost coins, metallic strips, and other such objects.

4. Fairgrounds

Fairgrounds don’t remain busy all the time of years. During the peak time of festivals, they become a hub of people. Fairgrounds do not accumulate the visitors’ coins and accessories, but bag valuables from different stalls as well.

5. Recreational Vehicle Parks

Recreational Vehicle Parks are the place of caravans. Tired people are usually not able to care for their metallic possessions. They often lose their coins, metal accessories and even small and useless metallic parts of the vehicles as well.

6. Picnic Areas

People have more forgetful tendencies while enjoying free time on picnics. Hence, there are greater chances for them to drop their valuable accessories and coins on the grounds. Even a superficial work can help metal detectors to unearth valuable treasury.

7. Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are all about the thrill. And who succeeds in taking care of possessions while enjoying the thrilling moments. Taking an adventurous ride or trying to control the sense, people end up dropping their metallic items.

8. Carnival Sites

Carnival sites are the hub of visitors and stalls. Sellers who have to offer metallic items or visitors who have to buy with coins can leave many valuable items unknowingly. Just a little effort can make metal detector to dig big from here.

9. Swimming areas such as lakes and rivers

Many swimmers, especially women prefer to take off their gold or silver ornaments prior to swimming. In the same way, men can leave their wallets. There are chances for these metallic accessories and coins to fall in the water. Hence, metal detectors can find great stuff in such places.

10. Seaside Beaches

Visitors don’t remain much mindful of their possessions while taking leisure trolls on beaches and hence drop their valuable metallic items. Use a metal detector that works well in shallow waters to access those coins, jewellery and other such stuff.

11. Old Home Sites

Old home sites are the best places of hidden treasures. They become more valuable if their residents migrated in haste. Many migrants often bury their gold silver and other valuable items in their home prior to leaving.

12. Old School Sites

Old schools also remain the most visited areas. Teachers, parents, kids and other staff are likely to leave their coins and ornaments over the years. Digging specific corners, like playgrounds and old auditoriums, can reveal more valuable possessions.

13. Children’s summer camps

Sites that act as children’s summer camps can be rich in coins. They can also have metallic jewellery that children wear to boast summer style. Apart from this, such sites can have other metal items like screws, etc., used to fix the things.

14. Fishing Camps

Fishing camps accumulate metal items in the form of fishing equipment and accessories of fishermen. There is another interesting thing; certain people throw coins in fishing camps, as part for some belief. So, if you have a water proof metal detector, then do use it on a fishing site.

15. Hunting Camps

The interest of hunting and metallic accessories usually coincide. Residents of jungles succeed in getting their hands on possessions that hunters leave there. Hunting sites can be something else in another guise. There are high chances to spot a treasury using some metal detector.

16. Under Grandstands and Bleachers

Grandstands and Bleachers on playgrounds are another site for coins and metal items. In their excitement and enthusiasm, spectators don’t care, what is falling off their pockets and wrists. Do let your metal detector to slide under grandstands.

17. Churchyards

Churchyards are another place most frequented by the public. During wedding season, Easter and Christmas, the rush of people increases manifolds. It is more likely for visitors to forget their gold ornaments or drop their coins. It is better to start expedition in old churchyards.

18. Old Military Bases

Old military bases not only have metallic coins and accessories that they get from enemy’s land after winning the war. But they also have the equipment, like bullets and metallic weapons. Searching out old military basis can offer you more valuable items.

19. Old Campgrounds

Old campgrounds are a refuge for a valuable possession of many people. They accumulate metallic items not only by forgetful nature of the people. Most of the times, they get their share, for some other reasons as well. Make sure you know who have visited these camps, most before you start your search.

20. Around any Resort Area

Resort areas remain the hub of the public who visits them from far off areas. In their quest of enjoying and doing fun, people don’t remain mindful enough of their metallic items. A metallic detector can get enough from these sites as well.


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