XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector Review


XP is a well-respected metal detector manufacturer based in France. Their Deus Wireless metal detector is a popular choice with consumers. The XP DEUS is the next generation in detecting technology, with many features that lacks in other detectors, read this XP Deus review for more details.

This product marks a technological breakthrough and is a wonderful innovation when it comes to the design. The patented design/architecture is based on three different elements a remote, a set of audio headphones and a coil. The reason this system is unique is because communication is permitted through a digital radio link.

The coil comprises of all the necessary components needed to process the signals, which now no longer has to be conveyed through a wire link, as it’s analysed and digitalised directly to the device by an ultra-mini digital circuit. This has really improved the overall quality of signal acquisition and further carries information much faster through the radio link.

XP Wireless DEUS Metal Detector – Appearance

This metal detector is easy to handle and transmits information like never before. The entire body is backed by a five year (USA) parts warranty and it’s fully waterproof too. The handle is ergonomic making it easy to manure.

XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector Review

The headphones are lightweight and rechargeable, with volume controls and a program section well detailed. The headphones also come with a carry-case making them easy to take with you.

The control unit is rechargeable and also wireless, that comes with a back-light when using the detector in the night. The controller allows for all the details to be fine-tuned to how the user likes it. You can wear it on your belt, shaft it, mount it or even carry it in your pocket, whatever you fancy.

Being wireless has some advantages – first one is reduction in weight and size, no more issues with storage or folding up the stem and you don’t have to worry about breaking or messing the cables in the plants while detecting.

Second and more important one is gain in signal acquisition quality, as signals no longer need to be transmitting through a wire link but are digitized and analyzed closer to the source by the ultra-miniature electronic circuit housed in the coil.

To eradicate the likelihood of interference between multiple wireless devices, XP DEUS has 36 different channels available. Whenever you start your XP DEUS it start communicating on a random channel from the 36 available channels so the risk of two wireless devices interfering with each other is therefore very low.

XP DEUS Metal Detector Features

The wireless coil is 9 inches and is backed by a lithium rechargeable ion battery. This battery comes with superior technology as it suffers no memory loss, is fully waterproof and even comes with a coil cover for protection.

Even if the remote control is switched off the detector continues to work. The WS4 and the WS5 can control the detector, which enables you to use it with a more advanced configuration.

XP is the only manufacturer to construct two various options of headphones (Wireless) to match customer requirements.

Both these headphones use identical controls and functions. While in the absence of the device’s remote control the headphones allow the user to adjust all the important settings, giving you a great detecting experience.

The WS4 – consists of a wireless backbone, is fold-able, lightweight and compact. It’s fully weatherproof and can be disconnected from the back-phone, which is an added advantage

The WS5 – is fully weatherproof, comes with full ear-cup coverage and can function perfectly well in any type of weather or noise.

The superior patented ‘S Telescopic’ stem can be packed away instantly and is more comfortable to handle, when compared to the straight stem design. It further has a rubber shaped handle and an improved functioning angle giving you a great grip.

XP Deus Works well with Saltwater (Beaches)

XP DEUS has a broad range of ground balance settings and a special signal processing routine that enables the detector to limit most obstruction generated by saltwater (beaches).

There are various settings such as “Beach On” in the “GROUND – BEACH ON/OFF” menu, using which you can adjust the ground balance manually or by pumping in the wet zone concerned in order to cancel out the ground signal.

You can also select the “Wet Beach” factory program which has pre-configured settings to deal with zones that are saturated with saltwater.

Should you buy XP Deus ?

Given all the product information, this certainly is a great device for metal detecting. With all its improved technological abilities and ergonomic design, it sure is worth the investment.

Even without the remote control, the detector can still be adjusted and used, thanks to the new and improved headset, giving the user good control.