Pros & Cons of Getting Used Metal Detectors

Used Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are devices that detect metal buried into the sand, water or somewhere beneath the earth.

In simple term when you hover over your metal detector it will produce a sound when it encounter a metal in its vicinity.

Metal detectors work on the principle of transmitting a magnetic field and evaluating a signal returning from the target and immediate environment.

Basically, a metal detector can be divided into 3 components: shaft, electronics circuit and search coil.

There are a number of things to look out for when buying a metal detector.

Not everyone can afford to buy new items. The benefits and detriments of buying used metal detectors have been carefully categorized below.

First, let us investigate the advantages of using one.

Advantages of getting a Used Metal Detector

  • One huge benefit of buying used metal detector is the customization it offers. Since it is another piece of equipment with no warranty, they can be tailored to suit user needs and it varies from person to person. Whether it is a walk-through metal detector or the more convenient hand held metal detectors, they can be custom-fit to personal needs and their core functionality altered.
  • Another plus point in buying used metal detectors is obtaining a fully functional system at a low cost. By doing a thorough research of the model of metal detector you wish to buy, key features, weaknesses, their strengths and for how much they are being sold second hand, one could get a product worth a fortune at best buy and save a pocket full of money. There are dedicated metal detector forums where one can raise queries and find neat solutions to hunt for what the heart desires.
  • Further modifications are possible like enabling flash lights mounted on the machine for night time metal detecting, headphone cord extensions, hand grip coverings, protective covers, etc. Some of these add-ons may nullify warranty if there was any in the first place.

Disadvantages of getting a Used Metal Detector

  • Metal detectors are devices that have a very rough and hard life in a short period of time. When buying a pre-owned metal detector, search coils will definitely have scratches and marks on them from plentiful usage.
  • The small scratches won’t deteriorate the performance of the metal detector. But beware of cracks and chips present in the surface of the coil. If chips, cracks or fractures are present in the coil, it leads to depressurization. It is advised to go over the shaft and coil parts of metal detector carefully.
  • If the coil has any deep cuts caused due to bumping on the ground, operation of the coil can be compromised. Lugs hold the coil on the shaft. If the lugs snap off quickly, there is no option but to buy a new shaft or coil for the machine, which will cost a fortune.
  • Sometimes, the plastic cover can be splintered and this permits water to enter in the system. Drying the coil and sealing off the crack using a sealant to remove moisture content usually works but it can also mean buying a new coil to get the machine running again.
  • Another dilemma with pre-owned metal detectors is the appliance outputting false responses. False responses occur due to abundant issues but mainly because coil cable is loose. Again, any moisture content present can act as a catalyst here.
  • Metal detectors are not waterproof. The coil of the machine will work underwater but the control and battery boxes may fail. This results if there is no waterproof cover present. The shaft armrest commonly breaks down when used on a daily basis. This must be tested when opting to buy a second hand metal detector.