Minelab Safari Universal Metal Detector Review


Minelab is the world’s leading metal detector technology provider for many sectors of the world. The Minelab Safari Universal Metal Detector is one of the all-time popular choices among the consumers. The main reason for it to be the most popular choice is because of its sleek and light weighted design that the consumers need in a metal detector. The Safari Universal metal detector is one overall metal detectors in the world today.

The detector is a bit costly than normal metal detectors and it should be since a quality product does not come cheap. This is one of Minelab’s premium products available on the market.

The Safari Universal has an ultra-lightweight coil which is 11 inch Double-D waterproof. This allows the detector to have the maximum performance capability, sharp pinpointing and detection at great depths.

Minelab Safari Universal Metal Detector Review

The FBS multiple frequency technology is another special feature that is available in the Safari Universal that makes it come out from the rest.

Attractive Appearance

The consumers are highly please with the appearance of the Safari Universal metal detector since it is sleek and lightweight rather than any other metal detector. The design is simple and easy to maneuver. The rubber grip handle will allow you to have a better grip on the machine and allow you to have precise handling.

Using the adjustable strap, you will be able to attach the light weighted metal detector to your forearm for easy and sturdy handling.

The monitoring device on the Safari Universal metal detector is highly user friendly and will be able to govern you to the exact locations. The system has a well-balanced design so that the user will be able to use the device for a longer period of time.

Minelab Safari Settings and Features

There are many features present in the Safari universal metal detector. The main feature that can be easily noticed is the multiple frequency lightweight 11 inch Double-D detector coil which is waterproof. Then there is the ultra-modern detection system which has four pre-programmed detection modes for your convenience.

These modes will be useful in optimizing the target while in the field. When using these modes, the pinpointing of the targets is easy and fast. The display unit features and innovative user friendly interface which is simple and effective.

Minelab Safari Review

It has 4 presets that are very useful and easy to operate. The four presets are Coin, Coin Jewelry, Relic and All Metal. These four modes can be customized as per your detecting experience. Very easy and intuitive LCD setting all you have to do is power it on, noise cancel and starting detecting, that’s it.

Minelab Safari Cost

The pricing of the Minelab Safari Universal Metal Detector is at $999 on Amazon.com. This seems a bit costly but when comparing with the features it comes with it seems that it is worth for the money. If you can buy it, then you’ll enjoy having a great detecting experience that will keep finding you lost treasures and other valuables that will keep you busy all the long.

Additional and Attractive Features of Minelab Safari

The most attractive feature of the Safari Universal is the noise cancellation feature which will automatically select the most stable, robust and well balanced channel for you to work on.

Replacement Parts

It is highly unlikely for the Safari Universal metal detector to break. Even if it breaks there are many places that you will be able to find replacement parts for an affordable price

Pros and cons of Minelab Safari

  • Minelab Safari has a constant depth read out
  • Amazing depth capability that is extremely sensitive to even the faintest little signal that you normally may be ignore
  • it’s a little slower at target recovery than other detectors

Why you should buy it?

The Minelab Safari Universal metal detector is one of the best systems that all you treasure enthusiast can use at an affordable price. It is one of the best mid ranged metal detectors available in the market today.