The Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector Review


A metal detector is very useful and important equipment for anyone to own as it could help you find treasures in places which you have never imagined before.

The Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector is one of the best metal detectors from Minelab. In this CTX 3030 Review we shed some lights on its features.

First of it comes with a special GPS rechargeable. The standard quality of this equipment has said to satisfy many customers who have bought it and now use it for hunting treasures.

This metal detector which has great features also possesses a feature of being waterproof which is the reason it enables the product to give its best of purpose at a very high performance.

Minelab CTX 3030 at its Best

Minelab CTX 3030 Review

The CTX 3030 metal detector is able to do its work at its best by being able to discover ancient treasures with a very high level of target identification.

This product also has a LCD full color and a target tracer being at an advanced level which enables and supports you to discover more treasures than before.

What’s more great about it is that, you would not be disturbing anyone around you by the sounds as there is an option with headphones which consists of a wireless audio inbuilt speaker.

So no disturbance and complains from now onward during your frequent treasure hunts.

Why Buy Minelab CTX 3030

By using this advanced type of metal detector you are able to record your findings as a discovery report as you navigate your interested areas or locations along with the ultimate support given by the integrated GPS system.

Getting all your important detected information stored in Google maps is also something really useful which you could do.

The CTX 3030 metal detector is indeed a very advanced type detector which comes along with so many automatic features and functions making it much easier and interesting for you to continue your hobby in treasure hunting.

All these extra ordinary super features are so use friendly which allows almost everyone and anyone to use it with no hassle as it is all away from a touch of a button.

Key features 0f Minelab CTX 3030

A treasure hunter who is utmost passionate about his hobby and who is keen on seeking for treasure would love to have one of these kind of special metal detectors in his hands as this is all a treasure hunter would actually need to get the perfect job done.

The features of CTX 3030 metal detector come in a range of specialties of making it waterproof, having a GPS locating system which makes things much easier for you to hunt.

Google maps are in-built, wireless audio system, frequency of multiple transmissions are some of the key features which makes Minelab CTX 3030 stand out from the rest of the metal detectors.

The Technology

This CTX 3030 detector is made in Australia by Minelabs, making this product available conveniently in any leading online store like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba. This gives an opportunity for treasure hunters from all across the globe to get treasure hunting much more interesting and seek better treasure in future.

The CTX 3030 have many coils options that work together to give you so many valuables out of the trash.

Each coil works separately, and is used for different purpose hunting such as If you are primarily hunting for coins then you must buy a 6 inch coil, it not only sniffs coins but also rings and other small valuables out from the trash very well.

Whereas the 17 inch coil is also very useful with Minelab CTX3030, larger targets can be found at incredible depth with the 17 inch coil so a bigger scoop is a good investment.

Cost of CTX 3030 Detector

This is known as one of the best metal detectors ever invented and has helped so many treasure hunters to discover valuable treasure which have changed their lives.

The price of this amazing product ranges from $1,999.00 which brings so many benefits by purchasing this equipment.

Although the CTX 3030 costs a bit high compare to talother metal detects but as saying goes “quality comes at a price”, isn’t it?