Garrett AT PRO Review


Metal detecting devices have played a huge role in our lives, its use spanning from ransacking beaches for hidden treasures and coins for leisure to security systems to safety.

They have been around for more than seventy years. They are used in airports, offices, malls, concerts and prisons to ensure no one brings in any hazardous weapons or utensils that can cause serious damage to the public.

Consumer oriented metal detectors have awakened curious souls to find something valuable and take up metal detecting as a hobby.

One such line of products that has successfully engrossed more enthusiasts into metal detecting is Garrett Metal Detector.

They have created and introduced state-of-the-art products dedicated to the art of metal detecting in the market. One such product of theirs is the Garrett’s AT Pro Metal Detector.

If you’re wondering what AT stands for, it is for All Terrain. As the name suggests itself, this metal detector is suitable for different kinds of terrain.

Salient Features of Garrett AT PRO

  • High-Res Iron Discrimination
  • Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 Target ID Scale
  • All Terrain Adaptability
  • Automatic & Manually Ground Balance
  • 6 Search Modes (3 Standard and 3 Pro) + Electronic Pinpointing
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Garrett AT PRO Review

The company has introduced a few features that make Garrett’s AT Pro Metal Detectors unique and superior to other metal detectors present in the market. The unit is an alternative to the heavier, more expensive detectors.

AT Pro Metal Detector can easily penetrate iron-rich areas and discover true treasures like never before. Garrett AT Pro also works correctly underwater and in salt water, unlike the old style metal detectors that fail to generate results when put in a certain environment.

This unit is ideal for spots near water, lakes, rivers and oceans. The device can down as much as 10 feet even though there are other metal detectors which achieve enhanced results than Garrett’s AT Pro.

But they are worth a fortune and not quite affordable.

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The AT Pro runs at a high frequency of 15 Hertz similar to the one used for detecting gold to a certain extent. this aspect makes the AT Pro perfect for a wide range of terrains.

Ground balancing can be done effortlessly with the AT Pro Metal Detector to put off false responses as well as improve target detection depth.

Compared to its previous versions, the eminence of hunting has extremely improved with its enhanced detection depth.

Garrett’s AT Pro’s coil size is large and it is another factor influencing metal detection. A main advantage of the coil used in AT Pro is its high resistance to interference.

Another merit of the coil would be its excellent accuracy. Since it does not comprise a true all metal mode, it is uncomplicated to deal with ground noise when compared to an all metal based metal detector.

AT Pro is a solid performer and is dependable to a huge extent. The metal detector is tweaked for detecting coin size items as a standard measurement in the factory. It only takes a while for one to learn how to maneuver the machine.

For easiness, a step by step instructional DVD is offered with the purchase of the machine that will teach any beginner to figure out what relic is buried in the sand with the help of this device.

The AT Pro has accurate iron discrimination. The machine will sound off on ferrous-rich artifacts and aids in distinguishing between crap iron and desirable iron.

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Pros and Cons of Garrett AT Pro

Pros of Garrett AT Pro
  • Water-proof metal detector
  • Good for both fresh & saltwater
  • Good battery life & light weight
  • 2 Year Warranty from Garrett
  • Best for finding Gold & Coins
Cons of Garrett AT Pro
  • A bit Expensive
  • Headphone is not great quality

Should I Buy Garrett AT PRO?

Many users have commented AT PRO metal detector as more reliable than most others having the same functionality and also have better warranties, services and support.

These are what consumers look for. The Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector has set a benchmark on its own in the class of performance and price.

It is highly recommended to anyone who is willing to make the investment in this product.

The AT Pro can be used in water up to 10-feet deep, and if you are leaving around a lake, ocean etc and you are looking for a water-proof detector than the Garrett AT Pro best bet for you.