Garrett Ace 350 Review

Garrett Ace 350 Review

The Garrett ACE 350 metal detector, the successor of the well established ACE 250 has all the features of its predecessor with the addition of new elements. The family of ACE metal detectors have served many customers and all of them were satisfied as it can be seen from the hugely positive response.

The 350 promises recovery of targets from a depth that is not possible with other metal detectors in the same price range.

Salient Features of Garrett Ace 350

  • Powerful, Large 8.5″ x 11″ DD Search Coil
  • 5 Search Modes – Select Pre-Set Discrimination Patterns Or create your own
  • Enhanced Iron Resolution
  • One Touch Operations
  • Electronic Pinpointing
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Garrett Ace 350 Review

As mentioned earlier, the ACE 350 along with the already existing features of the Ace 250 gets new elements such as a powerful DD search coil, higher frequency and improved iron discrimination.

Garrett Ace 350 Ground Balance

The powerful DD search coil allows higher detection depth and performance in mineralized grounds is increased. The good targets from the junk iron can be separated using the enhanced iron Resolution.

Detecting both small and large targets with high accuracy is a must-have feature and the higher frequency caters to that need. The target can be precisely located and speedy recovery can be achieved with the electronic pinpointing feature.

There are five search modes in the Garrett ACE 350 that allows you to create your discrimination pattern or use an already set pattern. There is a battery condition indicator that indicates the life of the battery continuously. The volume control headphones and interchangeable ACE series search coils are available along with the ACE 350.

Some other features of the ACE 350 include the one touch operation, 3 piece storage, adjustable arm cuff etc.

Garrett Ace 350 is Waterproof

The Garrett ACE 350 works well in sand. As long as the sand is dry you should have no problem in hunting treasure. The waterproof coil is an added advantage which will allow you to take it inside water bodies. Do remember that you can use it for fresh waters only.

Another good thing about the ACE 350 is that it can be used for find iron survey markers, which is an added advantage. The battery life of the ACE 350 is pretty good considering its amazing performance too. You need only regular AA batteries and it will help your device last up to 30 hours or more.

The good balance and low overall weight of just 5 pounds are something everybody looks for in a detector. The depth indicator is accurate to a good extent.

Garrett Ace 350 is Perfect for Beginners

The ACE 350 is a great metal detector even for beginners. Most of the other top brands sell detectors that are hard to control and we would be fiddling with the units. The ACE 350 has pre-programmed units that are easy to operate and makes the whole process a cakewalk. The 350 is also adjustable in height which makes it relaxing for various users.

Overall, if you look at the positive aspects of the ACE 350 you can just figure out that this metal detector is truly a good value for money with its durability, efficiency, customization and ease of use.

Cons of Garrett ACE 350

The negative aspects of the ACE 350 are less, but some demerits that do stand out can be mentioned.

The ACE 350 CANNOT BE USED IN THE WET SANDS. The minerals just throw it off and this leads to false alarms.  Even though the coils are waterproof, it cannot withstand salt water or salty wet sands.

If your hunting ground is primarily salty sands or water bodies, it is advisable to not use this detector. Even for hilly areas and surroundings with ledges, you would be better off with other detectors.

Should you Buy Garrett Ace 350

With the above points said, if we look at the overall performance of the 350, it is a definite buy and a great value for money. For all the relic and coin hunters out there, this product is not something to let go off. It is bound to make leaps in the category of metal detectors especially considering the fact that it a Garrett ACE!