Garrett ACE 250 (Discovery Pack) Review


Garrett Ace 250 is a metal detector which took the commercial market by storm and has been a favorite for all metal detecting hobbyists and amateurs alike. It is a multipurpose machine that offers an array of features making them ideal for coin shooting and relic hunting.

Most metal detecting units that are designed for beginners are basic and undemanding. It is not the case with Garrett Ace 250 metal detector.

As the founder Charles Garrett puts it, the company’s intention was to create a machine that gets the job done and sell it as a price fair and reasonable. They have kept their customers as their number one priority and profits secondary.

Salient Features of Garrett ACE 250

  • Graphic Target ID
  • Interchangeable ACE Series Search Coils
  • Large LCD Display
  • Headphone Jack
  • Push Button Controls – Touch-n-Go Operation
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

The Ace series from Garrett have been one of the top selling machines in the U.S since its inception in 2005. Garrett Ace 250 is similar to its predecessor, Garrett Ace 150 both similar in operation but the former come with a few new features that kicks the art of metal detecting up a notch.

Garrett Ace 250 Review


The metal detecting unit is extremely light weight, a solid body and only takes about two minutes to be assembled. It consists of the control box, the search coil and the pole – all makes it easier to transport.

It puts forward eight levels of sensitivity, five discrimination patterns and custom controls that give you supreme power over the machine’s detecting skills.

The LCD screen is of appropriate size and configuring settings is a cakewalk. The push buttons are placed within our thumbs’ reach and a number of operations are available on the same.

The search coil used is 9 inch in size and elliptical in shape. It can be interchanged with other compatible coils. Even though the coil is said to be waterproof, the apparatus does not work in salt water.

Ace 250 works exceptional on dry sand and with minor adjustments, customers can get it to work on wet sand too. The metal detecting unit uses four AA batteries and also run alkaline batteries that are rechargeable, unlike other detectors that use two 9 volt batteries. The machine can work up to a whopping 20 hours without charging.

The Garrett Ace 250 comes with a DVD and user’s manual that document the basics of metal detecting, how to interpret signals and pinpoint. The walk-through will teach the purchasers to use the machine without flaw or if the buyer is impatient to read through the script and wishes to jump into coin shooting promptly, a one-touch button will set the machine hunting for coins in factory preset.

Multiple users have thrashed Ace 250 for its lack of depth of detection and failure in ground balancing. For accurate readings, the search coil has to be swung slow. If you are sweeping an area with rich content of minerals, the sensitivity of the device has to be turned down to avoid ghost targets. This, in turn, will reduce the detecting depth of the machine.

Some people have experienced wobbling of the shafts with the joint not as tight as it should be. This can be rectified by applying duct or electrical tape over it and stabilize the jerking movement.

There is no volume control provided for the built-in speakers and users find it bothersome. It can irritate hunters nearby or cause noise pollution. Separate headphones with volume control have to be bought to fix this issue.


To summarize, the Garrett Ace 250 is a quality product of great stature. The metal detecting machine extends a long list of advanced features that pleases both novices and experts.

These features are highly unlikely to be found in any other metal detecting brand. It’s a steal considering the most expensive attributes built into it. The machine is priced fairly well which will easily fit into most peoples’ budgets.