Bosch PMD 10 Multi Detector Review

Bosch PMD 10 Review

Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector is cutting edge technology in the world of stud detection.

The Bosch PMD 10 is able to detect studs such as cables, wiring and woods which might be behind walls. It is using the cutting edge technology as it is able to detect wood, live wires and metals up to 10 cm I depths.

This means that with the aid of the Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector, you would be able to safely drill a hole on the wall without fear of damaging materials which might be within the wall.

The Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector removes the guess work when it comes to drilling of blind holes on walls.

This is a hand held device specially made by Bosch to help identify obstructions on wall studs behind plasterboard and avoid them in order to drill a perfect hole for fixing fixtures.

The Bosch PMD 10 gives room for a safe drilling of blind holes no matter what activity you want to engage in, either placing a family portrait on the wall or installing a new air conditioner or installing a new shelf.

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Overview of Bosch PMD 10

Bosch Digital Detector ReviewThe Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector is able to detect to safely and accurately detect obstructions that might occur during drilling.

The Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector is very reliable and accurate – it’s a device you can trust to help you safely drill without any obstruction or interference while drilling.

The Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector is a very unique auto calibration device and features a great and unique button with which you can select the kind of obstruction you wish to detect. Be it metal or electric wiring or wood, all you have to do is select the material you wish to detect and see the unique power of Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector.

It is able to detect iron materials up to 10 cm, copper is detected at a incredible depth of 8cm, while electrical cables can be detected up to 5cm and wood for about 2 cm.

Bosch PMD 10 – LED/Screen

The Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector also boasts of a friendly led light that notifies you when an item been discovered.

The red right comes on when a material has been detected, the green right means no material around and the yellow led is a warning to be cautious.

The screen also shows the battery level and is able to also indicate the current temperature.

Handle and Buttons

Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector has a soft grip handle making it easy for anyone to handle it with ease. It also has a very unique button, which is easy to understand.

You can select the type of material you wish to detect from the buttons.

Bosch PMD 10 – Calibration

Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector is a self calibrating device, this makes it very easy for users to operate and understand.

The Bosch PMD 10 Digital Detector is one of a kind, if you want to drill a wall and you don’t want to second guess, this is the best product for you, because it is so accurate and reliable. Most of all, it is very affordable.

Should you Bosch PMD 10

Normally as long as you’re buying item from Amazon, there’s not much to worry about, they will take care of your order, even if the seller falls short of item. The price is affordable for a normal person and the product you get at this price is good deal.

So overall if you are looking for a hand held device that is useful for you day-to-day job then this item is really for you.

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